CC Real Estate Income Fund (CCREI) offers individual investors access to an institutionally managed portfolio of commercial real estate (CRE) including CRE securities, CRE debt and CRE equity that may provide a source of attractive and consistent income1 in today’s low-yield environment.

Investment Objectives

  • Attractive & Consistent Income1

    Attractive &

  • Preservation & Protection of Capital

    Preservation &
    Protection of

  • Opportunity for Capital Appreciation

    for Capital

Our Investment Strategy

CCREI intends to invest primarily in a diversified portfolio of real estate and real estate-related investments including, but not limited to:


CRE securities offer the opportunity to invest in an assortment of real estate assets such as a pool of commercial mortgages through Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities (CMBS) which may provide income and downside protection or owning the common or preferred stock of publicly traded REITs which may provide income and appreciation along with greater liquidity.


CRE debt offers the opportunity to provide financing to real estate owners.  These loans are secured by a lien on commercial properties that generate income through interest payments as well as provide downside protection should real estate values decline.


CRE equity offers the opportunity to own income-producing commercial properties.  Though it maintains a lower priority in the CRE capital structure than CRE debt, owning real estate provides an opportunity for appreciation as the value of the underlying properties grow.

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Institutional Expertise

Colony Capital, Inc. (Colony Capital; NYSE: CLNY), an affiliate of CCREI’s advisor,* is one of the world’s largest real estate investors, owners and operators with approximately $43.0 billion of assets under management as of June 30, 2018. Colony Capital brings decades of real estate experience and considerable deal sourcing and execution capabilities to this investment opportunity.

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To learn more about an investment in CCREI, please contact our distribution team.

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* The Fund will be advised by CNI RECF Advisors, LLC, an affiliate of Colony Capital.

There is no guarantee of distributions or that any distributions paid will be paid at the stated rate. Distributions will be paid from sources other than cash flow from operations, including offering proceeds, borrowing or sales of assets, which may reduce an investor’s overall return and may constitute a return of capital.


Inception date for Class A, Class I and Fund-T: January 27, 2017. Inception date for Fund-ADV: November 9, 2017. Inception Date for Fund-C: January 30, 2018. The maximum sales charge for the Class A Shares is 8.0%. There is no sales charge for Class I Shares. As of June 30, 2018, Fund-T is closed to new investors. The maximum sales charge for Fund-T Shares prior to the end of its offering period was 4.0%. Additionally, a 1% per year distribution and shareholder servicing fee will be paid out of Fund-T assets, which began in July 2018, the first month after the completion of its offering period. There is no sales charge for Fund-C Shares. A 1% per year distribution and shareholder servicing fee will be paid out of Fund-C assets beginning with the first month after the completion of the period in which the Fund offers shares.


The annualized distribution rate shown is expressed as a percentage equal to the projected annualized distribution amount per share (which is calculated by the declared $0.60 annual cash distribution per share as of the date indicated, without compounding), divided by the applicable Fund’s net asset value per share as of the date indicated. The annualized distribution rate shown may be rounded. There is no guarantee of distributions.